1. Sign up for Westport’s

    Clean Energy Option

  2. Change as many lightbulbs in your house to Compact Fluorescent Bulbs.
  3. Recycle and pre-cycle.
  4. Change your thermostat setting from 70 degrees to 68. Consider buying a programmable thermostat.
  5. Take shorter showers. You’ll save energy by reducing your hot water use and you’ll save water too.
  6. Turn off electronics when not in use. Beware of the vampires!
  7. Drive smarter. There are so many tips and strategies to increase your miles-per-gallon. Great for the environment – great for your wallet.
  8. Buy local. Buy organic. Shop at the Farmer’s Market in season.
  9. Bring your own cloth bags when shopping.
  10. Buy an alternative energy vehicle. Hybrids, electric, bicycles. Better yet – use mass transit or walk to the store or work.

There are so many other things to do; and countless sites, books, organizations and TV/radio shows that list a vast array of ways to “green your life.”

Be a part of the solution. Take the We Green Westport Pledge. Tell your neighbors, family and friends about your efforts. Be a green ambassador – help them to green their lives.


5 Responses to “Steps to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint”

  1. Jen Hawkins Says:

    Where can you buy the wegreen Westport totes?


  2. The “We Green Westport” tote bags were part of a pilot program to see how well they would sell. The bags were sold at the performances of Will Roger’s Follies at Bedford Middle School. They will definitely be sold in other locations, although the specific places have not been decided on yet.

  3. Nancy McFarland Says:

    I, too, have been looking all over for these “We Green Westport” grocery bags to replace the use of store bags every time we grocery shop. Any word yet on where and when these can be purchased?


  4. getf Says:

    Expect to find them at the Green Earth air at Earthplace (April 26 & 27). We will be having a presentation on Saturday and an info table both days. We do not have too many left at this point, any we have left will be available.

  5. After reading the article, I feel that I really need more information on the topic. Can you share some more resources ?

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