View Our “We Green Westport” Map.


Take our pledge and join the Green Ribbons!
Simply print out our Pledge Card, tell us what you are doing or plan to do to lower you footprint and we’ll place your information on our map (above).

Or simply Click Here to access our online Pledge Card.


4 Responses to “Mapping the Green in Westport”

  1. Carl Leaman Says:

    Welcome to our blog. We hope it will help you find ways to reduce Westport’s Carbon Footprint. We’ll add your location to our green map. Simply take the pledge and sign up for the green energy electric option.

  2. Jo Ann Davidson Says:

    Dear We Green Westport,
    I am proud to see my green mark on the map, and marks for some of my friends. Keep them coming.
    Jo Ann Davidson

  3. Bruce Kasanoff Says:

    I was pleased to see the Green Energy Task Force featured today on the front page of the Westport News. I suspect, however, that the paper mangled your carbon footprint numbers.

    The article says each person who drives to work in Westport emits up to 3,271 tons of greenhouse gases each year. Later on, it says that 432,000 vehicle miles resulted in 284,000 tons of carbon dioxide. That would equal over half a ton of carbon per mile driven!

    According to, one gallon of gas generates a little over 19 pounds of carbon dioxide. If true, a car that gets 20 miles to the gallon and drives 10,000 miles in a year will generate over 4 tons of carbon dioxide in a year. That’s a lot, but nowhere near 3,271 tons.

  4. Marty Yellin Says:

    I am sadly discouraged to see that only 71 pledges were received which is less then a few % of the town. Any thoughts on what can be done to boost participation?

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