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The EPA recently wrapped up its first ever nationwide contest to see which building in America could reduce energy consumption by the greatest percentage.  Some of the most surprising facts:

1.  The competition was launched and completed in less than six months (no major renovations necessary)

2.  The reduced consumption was exceptional across all contestants, with most of the top contestants reducing energy consumption by approximately 30%

3.  The savings that these buildings racked up were in close to $20M, net of any expenses.

4.  The average savings per building was $30,000; the average cost, only $7,000

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One of the contestants was a grass roots movement led by students


According to a Nielsen Company study, 80% of polled Americans are motivated to save energy so that they can reduce their household expenses.

Political Views and Affluence Drives Adoption

The key question for Westporters is:  what motivates us to conserve energy?  Recently, Westport became the recipient of a $4 million Department of Energy grant to promote energy conservation through a “Neighbor to Neighbor Challenge.”  Under the program, Westport, and several other Fairfield County town residents, will make personal commitments to reduce their household energy consumption.  Keep checking in here for more information about the Neighbor to Neighbor Challenge.

How Green is Connecticut?

So tell us Westport… what drives YOU to save energy?

Plastic Bags in NYC Will Carry a Fee

In its struggle to make New York more green, the Bloomberg administration has tried discouraging people from using plastic bags. It has taken out ads beseeching residents to use cloth bags and set up recycling bins for plastic bags at supermarkets.

But now the carrots have been put away, and the stick is out: Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has called for charging shoppers 6 cents for every plastic bag needed at the register.

If the proposal passes, New York City would follow the lead of many European countries and become one of the first places in the United States to assess a so-called plastic bag tax

Not without critics though…

Another concern is whether the tax would hurt poor residents, as well as small businesses, disproportionately — a concern mentioned by council members, environmentalists and manufacturers alike.

Recently announced, Connecticut has a new solar lease program for qualifying residents.  One of the eligible installation firms is CSolar who passed along this release:

“Connecticut Leads the Way with the Nation’s First Rate Pay Supported Residential Leasing Program for Solar Energy”

The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) and CT Solar Leasing, LLC have combined the power of CCEF’s innovative Solar Rebate program and the financial power of leasing to create an unbeatable way for qualifying homeowner customers of CL&P and UI to add solar energy to their homes for the lowest possible cost.

About the Program:

• $0 Down Payment!
• Low fixed monthly payments – less than $120 per month for the typical system!
• Interest rate is 5.5% fixed.
• Leasing is for 15 years and at the end of your CT Solar Lease™ you have the option to buy the system at its current value, extend your lease for another 5 years at a reduced rate, or have the system removed.

Who is eligible?
The CT Solar Lease Program is for Connecticut homeowner customers of CL&P and UI who are:
Installing qualifying Solar PV systems:
• In their 1 to 4 family owner-occupied homes
• Whose household income is 200% or less of their area’s median income
• Who meet the credit qualifications of the program
Homeowners earning over the minimum income are still eligible for CCEF’s Solar Rebate Program.
ACT NOW! To find out more specific information on how solar can help save you money on your increasing electric bills, call your local C Solar LLC representative for a free site evaluation today at (203) 504-2250.

To find out more information about the CT Solar Lease program and determine your eligibility visit their website at

All eligible solar installers are pre-approved by the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund and CT Solar Leasing. This is an excellent opportunity for solar panel installation on your home with no down payment and a fixed monthly rate. Reduce your electricity bills with the power of the sun.