Global warming is caused by the buildup of certain gases in our atmosphere. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, “the atmospheric buildup of CO2 [carbon dioxide] and other greenhouse gases is largely the result of human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels.” If humans continue to emit CO2 and other greenhouse gases at the rate we do today, the future will hold unforeseen consequences for our climate, our planet, and ultimately ourselves. Governments around the world are moving to combat the threat of climate change.


In Westport, the Green Energy Task Force (GETF) has been established to rise to this challenge. The Task Force, established in early 2007, includes 11 people from different sectors of the community. Under the direction of the First Selectman of Westport, Gordon Joseloff, the GETF’s mandate is to provide a recommended action plan to the town of Westport by the end of 2007 for the purpose of reducing community greenhouse gas emissions. The objective of the action plan will be to (1) generate support for local initiatives, municipal, residential and commercial, (2) promote educational outreach, and (3) establish specific goals for the reduction of community emissions over set time periods.

Source: “Westport Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report”, August 15, 2007, Katrina Ellison, Page 4.


8 Responses to “The Green Energy Task Force”

  1. melissa shapiro Says:

    In all the discussion and planning for Westport to be green, it amazes me that I have not heard any talk about the environment and protecting it. Trees and grass are green and when we remove them from our environment, we are NOT being green. This town can change light bulbs everywhere, but until the selectman sets the pace to STOP cutting trees down and developing an already overdeveloped town, the town will not be green. Artificial turf and parking lots warm the environment, which is not green. Lots invite more cars, which is not very green either. Let’s be consistent in our plans and preaching. Let’s look around and be truthful about what we really need to do to save ourselves from the spiral of events that we are witnessing. Start saving the land and the trees in addition to changing light bulbs.
    I have already sent a note like this to the first selectman but I have not gotten a reply from him.

  2. Green Depot salutes the Westport Green Energy Task Force for its efforts and mission. Air Quality is a real concern to those of us who prefer to breathe easily and effortlessly. Melissa’s comments address the need to have any parking structures or lots designed to the highest environmental standards possible – downlighting, recycled paving materials, energy efficient illumination techniques, sustainable site development.

  3. Isabel Gordon Says:

    Speaking of parking lots, trees taken down, and co2 ommissions, I cannot help but think of the proposed YMCA, as an enormous force against our environment! Trees down, parking lots snuffing out breathing ground. Each member using the facility will be forced to contribute more co2 to our atmosphere (while battling Merritt Parkway exit traffic) than if the Y was located downtown.

  4. […] example, this one at the most local, grassroots level of government. This is the story of a small Green Energy Task Force in Westport, Connecticut, looking at ways to shrink the local carbon footprint through local […]

  5. Patricia Taylor Says:

    I agree with Melissa Shapiro’s comment above. Until the Town of Westport looks honestly and openly at contaminated sites, the use of pesticides on town properties, and the purchase and installation of artificial turf fields containing crumb rubber infill, and coordinates its image and intention to “be green” with its actual practices, we can not truly say that we are doing everything we can to make our town truly green.

    There are many communities in the U.S., including our close neighbor, Norwalk, who are creating and implementing local discussion and action about the “brownfields,” their use of pesticides, and the contaminated sites they own and use.

    Contaminated land contaminates water and Westport needs to be especially sensitive to the waters that run through and surround our community.

    In addition, these land-use issues

    I commend Carl Leaman and the Green Energy Task Force on all they’ve done, to date, to make residents aware that they can participate in the next necessary steps to reverse our consumption of fossil fuels and to lower greenhouse gases in our air.

    I think the Task Force can do much more, however, to create an imperative for our town leaders to make sure we are living in a healthier environment.

    The land, the water, the air – these are all connected. They can’t be thought of as separate or disconnected issues.

    And we are all connected to them.

    Carl, I applaud you for opening up this dialogue in Westport. I admire you and the work you are doing. But you can do more.

  6. RemyC Says:

    I’d like to remind everyone here, that there is nearly ten years of green data posted on the CTSOS yahoo group linked from our website. Greenburbs has been quietly greening Fairfield County for many years. Greenburbs and its CTSOS list is a resource available free to anyone truly interested in taking their lifestyle and their municipality into a green direction.

  7. Jennifer Richter Says:

    I am shocked that WeGreenWesport doesn’t have any apparent initiative to get recycling bins in public areas in Westport. It is inexcusable that there are no plastic-recycling containers at beach, parks, and Main St. Please let me know if there is something in the works for this.
    It seems like an issue that the WeGreen would spear-head.

  8. Harriet Says:

    Very nice website and Article! Thanks!

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